Studio A

With a spacious 500sq foot live space, a fully air conditioned control room, wooden floors, 2 isolation booths and a wide selection of both modern and vintage recording equipment Studio A is simply a great place to make music.

Live Room

From the requirements of a 12 piece string ensemble to the demands of tracking a band live, Studio A’s live room provides a fantastic recording environment for the modern musician. At every stage the live room was designed to provide a space that was sympathetic to the needs of the artist.

Excellent lines of sight between recording areas allow musicians to see each other no matter where they are stood, and natural light floods through huge windows into every part of the recording studio. A 14 foot high ceiling provides the acoustic ambience essential to achieving those ‘big’ drum sounds, whilst the warm and colourful decor provides a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

A giant movable screen allows the division of the live room into smaller recording areas, providing the versatility that recording ensemble performances demands. The raised drum platform – a unique feature of this recording studio, can be completely enclosed using the screen to create an acoustically dead environment suitable for everything from vocal recording to dry ’70s style’ drum sounds alike.

Studio A

Control Room

In addition to 9 channels of API pres and Amek BCII side-car, the control room is built around a 40 channel Trident 65 console. This console, with its powerful, musical EQ is fully integrated with Pro Tools HD giving any project the versatility of digital recording yet with the option of a great vintage tone.

At Urchin we believe that an inspirational sound should never be too far away, therefore we host a great selection of vintage and modern drums, keyboards, percussion instruments, amps.

See below for full details of our studio equipment.


40 channel Trident 65 Recording Console

6 channel split Amek BCII Console
4 channel API 3124
4 channel API 3124+
2 channel DBX 160VU
Empirical Labs Distressor with “British Mode”

Roland RE101 Space Echo

Dynaudio BM15a Studio Monitors
Yamaha NS10M Studio Monitors

Protools HD3
2 x Expanded 192 Interfaces (24 in, 24 out)
Apple Mac Pro 12 x 2.66Ghz core (24Gb RAM)
Pro Tools 10HD