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We support music makers at every stage of the creative process

Our Hackney Wick recording studios are built from the ground up with the artists and producers in mind. Relaxed atmosphere, natural light, great gear and of course FAST WIFI!

Each studio is set up the way it should be – with all the tools you need for making great music.


A complex of high spec recording studios to suit all your needs


We have the skills to bring your song to life


Our experienced engineers can bring to best out of your recording with a high quality mix


Our high quality podcasting rooms are equipped with everything you need

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London Recording studios by the hour

Hire our fully equipped, awesome sounding recording studios by the hour or by the day, or check out our new membership deals for special discounts. Available with or without an engineer/producer.

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Since 2007, Urchin Studios has supported music creators from all walks of life – from self-funded independent musicians to world class recording artist signed to major labels.

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This time last year we were packing up the old place! Can't believe it's been a year already. Swipe for behind the scenes 'content' including a never before aired interview with the one and only @matturchin Ltd https://www.instagram.com/p/CRtdvzsHYek/?utm_medium=twitter

Stop believing Brits when they tell you Britain isn't racist. That's like believing someone self-reporting dick-size.

Does anyone know someone who works as a freelancer in the festival industry and would be up for a chat with me? Please share and spread the word I would need to talk to them by 4pm this afternoon

Spotted this awesome painting Shithouse to Penthouse by @stephenharwood in the latest issue of @thisisthewick (that's our 'penthouse' in the background) The graffiti covered building on the left is the @lordnapierstar which is soon to reopen (and undoubtably become our Local)