Studio C


Studio C – also known as “The Writing Room” or “The Goldfish Bowl” (Thanks Mr Hudson for that one) sits on the corner of our building on the first floor. With 3 giant windows this recording studio offers the best views out over Hackney Wick as well as the most natural light.

This studio is perfect for writing sessions, vocals, podcasts and even smaller video sessions.

The layout of this room gives the musicians the floor. With 2 cozy sofas and a selection of keyboard instruments, guitars, percussion and an ever changing landscape outside the window you won’t struggle for inspiration in this studio!

And like every Urchin recording studio it comes fully soundproofed, air conditioned and as much tea and coffee as you can handle.

Equipment List

Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII

Apogee Rosetta 800 DA/AD converter (10 inputs when combined with the UA Twin)

UAD Satellite Quad thunderbolt 3

Pro Tools / Ableton Live / Logic Pro X

500 Series Rack with 2x Big Bear Audio MP1 preamps

Dynaudio BM6a Monitors

Springfield Harmonium (Yes it’s in tune!)

Wurlitzer 200

Roland Juno 6

Dave Smith Mono Evolver

M-Audio MIDI Controller keyboard

NB: Microphones, Guitars and Guitar amps are part of our floating selection – if you require something specific please reserve at the time of booking. See Studio A equipment for full collection

Can I bring my own setup?

Yes absolutely! These days many producers/engineers/musicians prefer to bring their own laptop to work from. We’ve gone out of our way to make this as easy as possible for you.

Outboard gear e.g 500 series lunchboxes, FX units can also be quickly and easily integrated with our rig.

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