Studio A


Our flagship recording studio is perfect for full band tracking, string sessions, video shoots and whatever else you can think of. Built completely from the ground up with uncompromising acoustics the studio has its own private chill out area and like all of our recording studios features natural light and air conditioning throughout.

The space is divided into 2 areas in the traditional ‘classic studio’ layout of separate Control Room and Live Room, totaling around 55sq metres of studio space.

The control room features a custom designed ‘wrap around’ desk housing a Trident 65 recording console and a variety of high end outboard and preamps. But we know sometimes all the modern producer needs is a space between the speakers to put their laptop down and get to work – relax, we have that too!

A generous sized window provides excellent sight lines through from the control room to the live room, which itself has 2 large windows providing natural light throughout. Acoustically the live room provides both dryer and wetter areas, and also a vocal booth for when greater separation is needed. The booth is large enough to house a drum kit or piano depending on requirements.

Clients have full access to our upstairs shared lounge/kitchen but for when more privacy is required Studio A also features it’s own separate sofa/chill out area and toilet.

This studio is based off our old Studio A at the London Fields site (see About Us for more details on Urchin 2.0)

Please enjoy this selection of videos from the previous incarnation of Studio A:


Control Room

SSL Nucleus 2
Trident 65 Console (16 x 16)
AMEK BCii Console
2x API 3124+ pres

Empirical Labs Distressor
2x DBX 160VU
Alan Smart C2 Compressor

Antelope Audio Orion 32HD Gen 3 (32 in, 32 out)

Pro Tools HDX Ultimate / Ableton Live 11 / Logic Pro X

Dynaudio BM15a Monitors
Yamaha NS10s

Novation 61SL MkII MIDI keyboard

Korg Poly 6 Synthesizer

Yamaha PS-30 keyboard

Live Room

Hayman Vibrasonic Drum Kit (22″/16″/13″)
A selection of quality snare drums and cymbals
Feurich 122 Upright piano

2x Fender Deluxe guitar amps

Fender Pro Junior guitar amp with upgraded speaker

Microphone highlights

1x Neumann U87
1x Mojave MA-200 Tube microphone
2x Coles 4038 Ribbon mics
2x AKG C414
2x Shure ksm141
2x Audio Technica AT4033
2x AKG C451
1x Shure SM7b
1x Electrovoice RE20
4x Sennheiser MD421
2x Beyerdynamic M201
2x Beyerdynamic M88
2x Aston Spirit
2x Shure SM57
2x Shure SM58
1x Shure unidyne iii
1x AKG D112

Various other curiosities

Can I bring my own setup?

Yes! Even though this is a big studio you can still bring your laptop, plug into our Antelope Audio Orion 32HD Gen 3 interface and have access to the full i/o of our studio.

Outboard gear e.g 500 series lunchboxes, FX units can also be quickly and easily integrated with our rig. D-sub and XLR looms are provided on request.

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