Studio A


Studio A is nearly ready! Our flagship recording studio, complete with 35sq metre live room, vocal/drum booth and state of the art control room opens on October 1st!

The studio is based off our old Studio A at the London Fields site (see About Us for more details on Urchin 2.0)  but with some features including its own private chill out area and bathroom facilities.

Limited Time Special Offer

Studio A with recording engineer
£500 inc VAT
  • See Rates Page for full details

We are very very excited to welcome recording artists, bands, string sections, video shoots (and all the other fun things that happened in the old studio) back into our studios. Now taking bookings for Autumn/Winter 2021!

In the meantime please enjoy this selection of videos from the previous incarnation of Studio A:

Equipment List

SSL Nucleus 2

Trident 65 Console

AMEK BCii Console

2x API 3124+ pres

Antelope Audio Orion 32HD Gen 3 (32 in, 32 out)

Pro Tools HDX Utlimate / Ableton Live / Logic Pro X

Dynaudio Core59 Monitors

More coming soon!

Can I bring my own setup?

Yes! Even though this is a big studio you can still bring your laptop, plug into our Antelope Audio Orion 32HD Gen 3 interface and have access to the full i/o of our studio.

Outboard gear e.g 500 series lunchboxes, FX units can also be quickly and easily integrated with our rig. D-sub and XLR looms are provided on request.

Ready to book?

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